New requirements for production and use of steels for steel structures. From safety and property analysis, high toughness and low yield-strength ratio are required. Considering the improvement of workability, it is necessary to reduce carbon equivalent and crack sensitivity coefficient, and to have a certain resistance to laminar tearing. Considering durability and safety, corrosion resistance, weatherability, fire resistance and seismic resistance are required.

Compared with the past, from the point of view of further improving the strength, fracture toughness, weldability, corrosion resistance and processing performance of bridge steel, the materials with the best performance range are'high performance steel BHS'.

In the traditional equipment manufacturing industry, steel for construction machinery is developing towards high strength, high wear resistance and special performance steel; in order to improve the service life of bearing steel for wind power equipment, it is necessary to improve the purity of bearing steel (reduce inclusions); in heavy machinery forgings, it is necessary to solve the level of machinability and heat treatment; in general machinery steel, it is necessary to develop to free-cutting steel, non-quenched and tempered steel, silver bright steel and other varieties.

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